Ape Galaxy Introduction

The Ape Galaxy (AG) is Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) leveraging a multifaceted approach to investment in blockchain gaming and entertainment worlds. The galaxy consists of two tokens, $GG and $APE_X, an NFT Project, Lucky Ape, and currently has its own game in development.


The Ape Galaxy mission is to create a truly community-run platform striving for longevity and sustainability through multifaceted investment strategies in blockchain gaming and entertainment.



AG aims to:

  • Leverage deflationary mechanics to create a sustainable rebase ecosystem developed through investments, gaming integration, and gaming development.

  • Help DAO members earn by renting out community owned assets and providing leadership, training and potential sponsorships.

  • Launch AG games to continue to drive the treasury balance of the DAO while also increasing the value of the $GG and $APE-X tokens.

Features of the DAO


  • $GG: Galaxy Goggle DAO - tokenomics follow

  • $APE-X: Cross Chain RFI token - tokenomics follow

GG Staking Platform

  • GG Token holders can stake their tokens for sGG and earn yield as voted on by the DAO.

DAO Functionality

  • Live proposal and voting web3 function.

Lucky Ape

  • Newest venture within the Ape Galaxy.

AG Gaming Guild

  • Coming Soon!

Undisclosed AG Game

  • Coming Soon! Updates provided within Discord!

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